Friday, August 26, 2011

A note to my heart..

Hey there,
How are you doing? I know you have worked very hard for 22 years and 11 months. THANK YOU..!! If you have stopped working for few seconds also I might be not here writing this to you.  At times, you got hurt extremely, a slight pain in my chest indicating “Hey Vicky this is too much I can’t handle it “. You probably do not know your indication normally accompanied by Miss Tears. She flows when I’m sad. She flows when I’m happy. I would say she is your best colleague. She just works terrifically with your sensitivity. But there was one time, Miss Tears overworked till she took holidays from my emotions. Yeah..but then she got back after couple of months.  The reason she took holiday is because of you, you became very cold-hearted.

At times,I could feel the blood rush, which happens when im shy..or when im flattered ..hehe =) and this time I could feel your rhythmic beat..but you seriously go wild and loud !! when im nervous or scared..!! but this time, you are not accompanied by Miss Tears but then with Mr Sweat!!! aughh...!. You know how much I just hate when he appears,my hands become wet and sticky,my face become oily and etc etc.. Sometimes you beat so fast,that I think you are going to  jump out from my rip cage,and land on my hands..

Now what u may have go through, is just the starting my sweetHEART..what we will go through after this will be more. Stepping into adulthood there will be a lot of challenges. I want you to work together with another friend of mine, MR BRAIN. This is because when u work alone, you become tired and  tend to pass ur work to emotions. At the end of the day its you are the one who is going to get hurt. So now, be STRONG my dear little heart. It is time for us to meet the world. Just stay strong no matter what you see, what u hear. Dont make feel that im a weak hearted girl. Be strong and keep me strong..

Don’t be afraid to overcome as we have overcome the worst .I need you a lot in me  because I have a lot to do/achieve in my life, I will keep you strong with some good supplements, weekly exercise, staying away from smokers and cigarettes, eating healthy food. I love you heart..=) xoxoxoxo

~ vicky ~